Taylor Swift just donated over $30,000 to help a student in London who was trying to raise money to go to the University of Warwick in the U.K.

"I have received a conditional offer to study Mathematics (MMath) at the prestigious University of Warwick," 18-year-old Vitoria Mario wrote in her GoFundMe page. "I have already attained AABB at AS Level and I have recently achieved A*A*A in my A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths, and Physics, respectively. However, I am still in a position of uncertainty as I may not be able to attend university due to my circumstances. I have lived in the U.K. for four years now, after migrating from Portugal to live with family in Tottenham. The socio-economic barriers of not being eligible for maintenance loans/grants is due not only to not having ‘Home’ status, but also because my family are low income, and unable to help me self-fund through university."

Mario went on to explain that her father has passed away and her mother remains in Portugal, but she has not let any of those things deter her from pursuing her dreams.

According to her GoFundMe page, Mario tried to get assistance from "top firms" but to no avail.

I emailed numerous (442 to be exact) people from top firms to see if they were able to assist me or point me in the right direction, but was rejected or left without response. As desperate times called for desperate measures, I also went to some of the most affluent postcodes in London, including Kensington, to post my story through letterboxes, but unfortunately faced the same response.

Though my story is not unique, my dream of becoming a Mathematician is not only a chance at social mobility for my family and I, but to inspire people who have been in similar positions to aspire to be the best version of themselves and strive for their dreams despite gender/racial inequality, immigration issues and financial barriers.

Financial Breakdown (estimate for 4 year course)

Accommodation - £24,000
Equipment (e.g. Laptop, textbooks ) - £3,000
Living costs (e.g. food, transport, gas, electricity etc.) - £13, 000

Seeing this, Swift donated the lump sum of money to Mario's GoFundMe page, commenting on how she was "so inspired by your drive and dedication to turning your dreams into reality," and wished her good luck in everything that she does.

In a TV interview Friday, Mario thanked Swift and said the donation was a “blessing.” She currently has over £47,000 raised.