Somehow, against all the odds, each day brings a headline slightly worse than the last. Whether it's government incompetence, the frightening rise of nationalism or the pandemic tightening its grip on us, it all seems to be getting worse by the day. In response, The Manor have just released their raucous new single "All Goes Cold", a guitar-heavy anthem that neatly distills the country's multiplying issues into 3:33 of power. 

The newly-arrived visuals bring the loneliness of our isolation to life with shots of the desolate London streets mixed in with CCTV-style scenes of the trio doing whatever they can to keep their sanity amid the growing chaos of the world around them. Although a slight departure in sound for the South London trio, "All Goes Cold" still packs the kind of all-out energy we've come to expect from them. So, next time you're headed out to a protest (and there will no doubt be plenty more to come), turn this one up loud for maximum impact.