Ringing in the sound of spring, Berlin-based Australian James Chatburn is back with his new single "In My House". Brimming with soul and guided by a mellow, funk-tinged bounce to echo the gradual return of the sun. Fusing together his dual loves of indie and soul music, the fuzzy, analogue textures of "In My House" also give it just a hint of '70s  nostalgia, making it the perfect antidote to the receding cold.

Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Chatburn explained: "This pieces asks the question of who we allow into our lives and why we do so, the ones which we allow close can leave so much behind when they dive into our being, so it is wise to be careful. The song came together quicker then any other song I have ever written, Ironically, I used the chopped up recorded drums from another song which was supposed to be included on the upcoming album Faible, a song I reformatted and re-wrote four times to be left discarded. All of the other instruments and vocals are the original recordings from the first day of writing."

"In My House" drops tomorrow, May 8, and he's also announced the new single will be appearing on his upcoming new album Faible. The album hasn't got a concrete release date just yet, but you can expect that later this year.