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Lil Yachty unleashes his new song and video for "Split / Whole Time."

You can check out the single artwork, below.

This is a photo of Lil Yachty.
Image via Publicist

Like the song's title suggests, the video is cut into two separate sections. For the first part, Yachty plays with the theme created by the title "Split" by having the screen cut into three different sections. Each panel flashes different angles of Yachty and his friends taking over a parking lot. Sometimes, these panels would align perfectly to make one picture.

Along with a massive gang of people, Playboi Carti serves as the co-star of "Split." Carti can be seen sitting in his red Ferrari or standing beside Yachty as he raps to the camera. 

As the video transitions to the "Whole Time" portion of the song, Yachty and his friends take over an indoor trampoline playground. Yachty shows off his ice but he also strips down to an undershirt and sweat pants to play dodge ball. Several internet personalities like Druski, Demetrius Harmon, and more were on hand to play games with Lil Boat. Also, Playboi Carti made a slight cameo in "Whole Time" via a FaceTime call. 

"Split / Whole Time" will appear on the 22-year-old's highly-anticipated third studio album, Lil Boat 3which is dropping this Friday. Lil Boat 3 is the third and final installment of his Lil Boat trilogy.

Watch Lil Yachty's new video above.