By now we've all got to grips with Insomnia, the surprise team-up between Skepta, Chip and Young Adz, and it looks like the party's not over yet because they've just dropped the album's second set of visuals, this time for the Skepta-produced opener "Mains".

Unlike the barely-contained rowdiness of the "Waze" video that launched the album, "Mains" and its accompanying video from Kevin Hudson dial things back a touch. The energy in the room is still palpable, but there's more of a relaxed vibe to this one as the three MCs take stock of their successes and their ever-expanding bank balances.

As the music world staves off boredom with creativity (like Skepta and Jammer's recent clash on Instagram), we wouldn't be surprised if these three have a couple more surprises in store for us.