With everything going on right now January feels like a distant memory, but if you can cast your mind back that far you might remember emerging rapper Backroad Gee's street heater "Party Popper". With an unforgettable hook and a delivery unlike any other, the track set BRG apart as a driller with a bright future.

Now he's back with a revamped version, drafting in Ambush and PA Salieu to add their own hit-making instincts to the mix. Taking their turns on the minimal yet bassy instrumental, BRG provides the football chant-style hook while Ambush and PA Salieu step up with their gruff and in-your-face verses.

We're only a couple of years into BRG's blossoming music career, but the acclaim has been pouring in, not least from Money Mike and his 23 Formation outfit. What's more, this lightning bolt arrival to the drill scene is a powerful counter to the "all drill sounds the same" argument, and one we hope to hear a lot more of.