South African-born, L.A-based singer-songwriter Nick Leng recently announced that he'd finished work on what will be his debut album, LEMONS. The album was first teased with the single of the same name back in 2018, but new single "Music To Clean The House To" and its accompanying visuals are what he's calling "the doorway to the album".

A full-length project has been long overdue for the indie maestro who's been steadily building a passionate fanbase since the one-two release of 2015's Tunnels And Planes EP and the Drivers EP the following year. The visuals, which veer between dreamy and nightmarish, don't just bring his dramatic, maximalist indie sound to life, they hint at an ambitious album with a scaled-up artistic vision.

LEMONS is slated for release via SOTA Recordings on April 24. Pre-order the album on vinyl here.