After years working behind the scenes with the likes of Big Zuu, GreenTea Peng, and on hits like Stormzy and H.E.R's "One Second", Owen Cutts is stepping out on his own as Mr. Cutts. The decision to start creating music under his own name came when he made an instrumental he didn't want to give away. That one track eventually grew into a folder full of beats and samples that began to take shape as an album.

Eventually, he brought in friends like Tom Misch guitarist Tobbie Tripp, Rag N' Bone Man collaborator Fred Cox, and London-based singer-songwriter Jim Jnr, who plays on the as-yet-untitled album's first single "Weekdays". Taking cues from the soul-sampling likes of J Dilla and the Avalanches, "Weekdays" is a perfectly-timed piece of soulful hip-hop that's guaranteed to wash away all your worries.

"Weekdays" is out tomorrow, March 6, via Project Melody.

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