We've been harping on about South London R&B talent James Vickery for a little while now. Ever since his debut EP Complexion from 2017 he's been turning heads and melting hearts in equal measure. Now, he tells us, his next Overture EP is almost ready to drop. The new project was first hinted at with "Pressure", released October last year (subsequent EP extracts "Tear It Apart" with Kenny Beats and "Spanish Rose" followed either side of the New Year), and today we've got visuals for the track ahead of the EP's release in a week's time.

Production here comes from Louis Mattrs and Ray BLK collaborator SG Lewis who's crafted a luxurious, slow-burning instrumental that twinkles with fleeting piano melodies beneath Vickery's sweetly sung lyrics. Director Cameron Turnbull puts all the heartache front and centre, guiding the viewer between shots of Vickery appealing to his girl on the phone, silhouette images of the singer, and some Drive-esque scenes of Vickery and Lewis on a late-night drive.

Speaking about the video, director Cameron Turnbull says, "The track had already been out and doing well for a while so it was important for me to try and match the energy and impact that the audience were expecting. It was a great video to create; we smashed through loads of set-ups in the studio over one day, but I think the high energy from that is ultimately reflected in the cut. As with most of my videos we tend to be quite ambitious with what we've got, with a lot of DIY solutions involved, they've miraculously worked so far and I think attacking them ambitiously is a lot more fun."

"Pressure" is taken from Vickery's upcoming Overture EP, which drops March 25 on TH3RD BRAIN. Pre-save it here.