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Last month, Future sued the alleged mother of one of his children for defamation and invasion of privacy, and now she's hitting back with receipts. TMZ reports that Eliza Seraphin, whom Future alleged is using the baby as an opportunity to get money out of him, has filed legal documents to have the lawsuit dismissed. She particularly took issue with the rapper's accusation of invasion of privacy, citing all the other public issues he's had with the mothers of his other children.

Seraphin has argued that he should not be able to sue for invasion of privacy in a paternity case, because his children with other women "are all documented and widely reported on the internet and discussed on social media. It is unknown why he would think this one would be any different." She said that if he didn't want her to discuss their sex life, he should have taken the paternity test. Additionally, Seraphin remarked that it's not a private matter when she has "had to resort to the court system because the child's father refuses to acknowledge paternity."

Future has complained about the allegation he is the father of her 11-month old daughter in his lawsuit, but Seraphin said, "It should be noted that while [Future] has not admitted to being the child's father, he has not actually denied it either." Her motion has been denied on a technicality, however, as it exceeded the page limit. She has been given the opportunity to refile a shorter version, or ask for a page-limit extension.

In the lawsuit Future reportedly filed last month, the rapper claimed Seraphin nicknamed her daughter "Check Baby."