18-year-old Portland-raised singer-songwriter Genevieve Stokes only made her official debut last year with the release of "Simple Love", and then "Morning Dove" and "Portland Nights", but she's already here with her fourth single, "Surface Tension", and the maturation in her output is clearly noticeable.

While some, perhaps as the years progress, might look back misty-eyed on their early romances as they transitioned into adulthood, Genevieve is writing in the here and now, and she's much more frank about it. Sure, she acknowledges the highs, but she's more keen to shine a light on the lows; the anxiety when things don't work out, the existential dread brought on by the thought of being alone... 

Fortunately, this all-too real depiction of rollercoaster romances is presented in a soothing, guitar-led package, capped off with Genevieve's feather-light vocals, all of which eases the impact of her incisive songwriting. More importantly, it hints at a long and promising career for her.

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