Days after YG and Kehlani released a song together on Valentine's Day, the couple has seemingly split, and the singer's new track "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" sees her calling out a former flame's behavior.

In a since-deleted tweet, Kehlani wrote, "Shit happens. Life really happens. U Jus gotta stay pure and move with love and thank god you are one of the ones that do."

On the song, however, she gets a lot more specific. "I'd say your name but you don't deserve recognition/You played the hero but you really are the villain," she sings on the Rascals-produced song. "You called me crazy, but it was my intuition/Used me for status and the fame and recognition."

When a fan shared the song, saying Kehlani was "dissin the fuck outta [YG]" and that she should "leave his toxic assssss," the singer retweeted it with the comment "i'm single luv." This too was deleted.

Later in the track, she alludes to helping her partner fight an "addiction," and stating "you're nothing to me." She continued, "Wish I didn't check your text when you was drunk asleep/I've seen everything I didn't want to see/That I needed to see/That I needed it to be/Hope you live happily ever after with the bitch."

The two confirmed they were dating in September 2019, but they split just before the holidays after Kehlani allegedly caught YG cheating. They got back together shortly after, and all references to their split were deleted from social media. On "Valentine's Day (Shameful)," she indicates that he was once again cheating on her.

See what Twitter had to say about the song below.

Listen to "Valentine's Day (Shameful)" above.