Never one to shy away from baring her soul on a track, Lady Leshurr recently shared possibly her most open and frank song ever. The Birmingham queen wrote "Carmen" to mark what would have been her sister's 40th birthday after she tragically passed away from cancer.

A moving tribute, "Carmen" doesn't just celebrate her sister's memory, but also works through some of Leshurr's feelings of guilt. I could tell you was struggling mad, she says, But then you tried to move on fast with a guy that was beating you like a man / I only got told this when you died / He was there when I sat by your side. Adding that she wished she could've been there for her more in her final days, it's tough to hear the otherwise upbeat and playful rapper blaming herself like this.

Leshurr described it as the "Hardest song I've ever had to make. Took a break from music, even more so that my sister recently passed. It would've been her 40th birthday today and her husbands 46th. Sadly, they both died of cancer. This is my gift and letter to her, and to my family so my sister's name forever lives on."