Foxy Brown was not happy with what DJ Envy said during a recent interview on The Breakfast Club, and now the radio host has responded. When speaking with Brown's former manager Don Pooh, Envy asked what happened to Foxy's career and suggested she "dwindled off." In a heated Instagram post that has since been deleted, she called him "FISH ASS ENVY."

Responding to her comments, Envy said Brown is "a little delirious." He explained that he used to DJ for Foxy at one point in her career, although he did not specify when. "I used to be with her writing team that used to help her write...I actually produced a couple of joints for her I believe," he said. Envy, who co-produced the title track from her 2001 studio album Broken Silence, recalled the last show he DJed for her. He said Foxy got paid $70,000 to perform, but she only gave him $300.

"I never DJed for her again," he said. "But I wish her the best." He maintained that he didn't mean to throw any shade with his comments, he was just curious about how why she hasn't released a studio album since 2001. "You don't hear her no more and I just asked why. But...whatever," Envy trailed off.

When Pooh answered the question about what happened to Brown, he said she "just fell back a little bit" after becoming a mother. "Hopefully we will see or hear from her soon," Pooh said. He also said hearing issues contributed to her taking somewhat of a break from music.