West Sydney’s A.GIRL has given us the summer jam we’ve been waiting for with her new cut “All Over You”.

Over laid back production from Taka Perry (who also produced Ruel's "Younger"), A.GIRL blows in like the summer breeze we’ve been holding out weeks for. Lyrically, she tells a relatable story of falling too hard too soon in a summer fling, opting to embrace the rush of the moment over the more sensible restraint. Her sweet vocals chiming like ice cubes clinking in a tall glass; the whole thing is a breath of fresh air at a time when we could really use a little.

The hook flips a heavier synth and pitched-down vocals, combining with the verses to fuse classic and modern sounds.

It’s been a cruel summer for us in Australia. The heat has been punishing and the blue skies are hidden somewhere beyond the smoky haze, but once the smoke clears, the fire bans are lifted and the backyard BBQs spark up again, A.GIRL's latest is a lock for your summer playlist.

"All Over You" hits streaming platforms January 17, with a video to come.

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