Utah authorities are investigating a shooting that left three people wounded during Shoreline Mafia's Friday night concert.

The incident took place shortly after 10 p.m. outside The Complex in Salt Lake City, where a passing vehicle reportedly opened fire on individuals leaving the venue. Police Lt. Carlos Valencia told the Associated Press one adult victim was shot in the chest, another adult was shot in the arm, and a juvenile was wounded in the foot from a ricochet bullet. The victims were each treated at the hospital and are expected to survive.

Authorities say the two adults—both in their early 20s—were friends who got into a verbal altercation during the concert, but investigators have not determined whether the argument was connected to the shooting. It's also unclear if the two adults knew the minor, as none of the are cooperating with police.

"There was a ton of people who saw a lot of things," Valencia told the Salt Lake City Tribune. "We’re trying to find the best witnesses."

Valencia initially said one of the three victims had shot back at the vehicle from which the original shots were fired; however, he has since told the AP no guns were found on the victims. Authorities also believe the incident was gang-related.

Police have yet to make any arrests. 

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