For their latest single, "The Truth Is Dead", production and songwriting duo St. Francis Hotel have teamed up with Warpaint's Theresa Wayman, who last year debuted her solo material as TT. The new single drops tomorrow, November 26, via Danger Mouse's 30th Century Records as part of a new compilation on the label and is the latest in a run of high profile collabs that has seen St. Francis Hotel link up with Portugal. The Man and Gaz Coombes. 

Over a driving rhythm and swarming, overwhelming electronics, Wayman's ghostly vocals sweep and soar as she laments the death of objective truth in an era increasingly swamped by fake news and "alternative facts". If the track sounds distressing or haunting there's a good reason for that, although St. Francis Hotel remain hopeful for the future.

Speaking with Complex via email, they tell us: "The track's title is probably pretty self-explanatory as to what it's about. It feels like the kind of song that could only be written now. If you put the four of us in a room together four years ago, we probably couldn't have conceived this song. Hopefully in a year's time people won't need to write songs with titles like 'The Truth Is Dead'."