A year on from her debut single "Ruler" and rising pop singer Serine Karthage is back with follow-up "Rhonda". Detailing her own creative maturation and the tough path that's led her to the present day, "Rhonda" is the story of Karthage finding her creative voice and realising her full potential. A bold and colourful new addition to her nascent catalogue, Karthage wears her London identity on her sleeve and proudly presents herself as a creative force to be reckoned with.

"'Rhonda' is about finding my inner voice," Karthage tells Complex. "It was written three years ago during a period where I was homeless, along with other songs written at the time such as 'Ruler', dedicated to fighting against people wanting to bring me to my demise during a time of vulnerability."

Peep the animated visuals for "Rhonda" above.