Whether rain or shine, it's seemingly WSTRN Season all year round as Haile and Louis Rei share the visuals for WSTRN Season, Vol. 2 standout "They Don't Know". The project showcased their ability to adapt their group dynamic, packed with some potentially big singles and sleeper smashes.

Known for his catchy hooks, Haile lays down another here and is soon backed by an equally melodic verse from Louis Rei. Shot on location in Barbados, WSTRN return to the Caribbean after connecting with Alkaline in Jamaica for 2017 single "Txtin", and it's a similar result: high on stunning landscape shots. "They Don't Know" captures the laid-back essence of island life as WSTRN make themselves at home at a block party.

Watch above, and head here for the story behind WSTRN Season, Vol. 2.