It's only been a matter of days since he dropped "SKRR", but Yxng Bane is already back with understated new bubbler "Maximum" — and it's the perfect double drop in what is shaping up to be a big return after the enormous success of 2018.

At his melodic best, the London artist weaves his silky vocals over the smooth guitar licks peppered into Zachary Scipio's understated production. The equally understated video, courtesy of director Kalvadour Peterson, follows a lovestruck couple on what is essentially a sun-kissed tour of paradise, all crisply shot via their iPhones. So, as the temperatures plummet, live vicariously through "Maximum" and try to pretend that you are elsewhere.

Speaking with Complex via email, Bane said: "'Maximum' is expressing how it is, and more so, from the point of view of the person complaining. So when I say 'you cancel every plan we make', it's me cancelling; like a quote that men usually hear, sometimes we may be too focused on work and cancel things, etc. That's what this song is about: being in that position and expressing that kind of feeling."