Adding to what has already been a success-filled year, R&B singer-songwriter Ayelle is back once again with another addition to her rapidly-expanding catalogue with "Unpredictable" — the latest of 12 singles the singer is releasing every month this year with support from PRS Momentum. It's a fitting title given her tendency to inundate us with music almost as quickly as it takes to listen to it all, but it also matches her ability to mix the unexpected into her blend of R&B and pop.

"Unpredictable" comes with a charming and stylishly relaxed Super 8-style video directed by Benjamin Buttler that shows Ayelle skipping through a playground and generally enjoying life. The lyrics, however, transform the video into an apology of sorts, or at least an explanation, to a frustrated lover. She may be difficult to live with, unpredictable even, but she means well and her free spirit is something to be celebrated, not chastised.

Speaking with Complex via email, Ayelle told us: "'Unpredictable' is at its core about being a free spirit, and all which that entails. The need for your own space, to live life on a whim and to experience every emotion with extreme intensity. It can be difficult to be with someone like that, 'cause you'll never know what they're gonna want to do next."