Kevin Gates focuses the lens on mental health in his latest video, "Walls Talking."

For this video, Gates continues the theme of the song by reimagining certain traumatizing moments from his past that made him the man he is today. The visual starts off with Gates in a small room with shape-shifting walls that echo the song's chorus. He then walks out of room into a barren, desert landscape. Although he's now freed from the walls, his mind travels back to those important events. 

One of these events was an argument with his mother that eventually led to him leaving home. That started the cycle of incarceration that would follow him into his adult life. As he walks through the desert, he flashes back to various rooms where the people are frozen in time. He tries to gain their attention, but he comes to realize that these moments are merely mirages created by his lapsing mental health and dry environment. 

Gates partnered with suicide prevention organization,, to create the "Walls Talking" video. The purpose of this video is to open up a dialogue about mental health and wellness for people who have backgrounds similar to Gates.

"Our mission is to prevent suicide," the Executive Director of, Dr. Dan Reidenberg, explained. "Breaking down the stigma of mental health helps saves lives and with Kevin’s new song and video his is doing just that."

For Gates, music has been a release for him and he wants to use his coping method to impact others. "Music has always been therapy for me," Kevin said. "Anyone who is struggling out there should know they aren’t alone. I got you."

"Walls Talking" is featured on Gates' latest album, I'm HimThe project was released on Sept. 27 and is available for stream/purchase on all services.