Jeezy recently sat down for an interview with HipHopDX and explained that Kanye West's classic verse on his song "Put On" was done as a favor, after he allowed West to use his ad-libs on "Can't Tell Me Nothin."

"'[Can't Tell Me Nothing]' was a song with me and T.I. called I got money," Jeezy says in the video above. "I sent it to 'Ye. 'Ye put a verse on it, but 'Ye wanted to know who produced the record. I told him DJ Toomp produced the record. Somehow he got in contact with Toomp and changed the whole sonics on his verse."

Jeezy says that when he got it back, he told Kanye that it was "a whole different song." Jeezy goes on to explain that there was no way he could've cleared the song on his album, so he left it on the cutting room floor. Kanye went on to turn this track into "Can't Tell Me Nothing," but not before he got Jeezy's blessing to use his ad-libs. 

After "Can't Tell Me Nothing" went on to be a mega-hit for Kanye, Jeezy felt like Yeezy owed him one. So, Jeezy tapped 'Ye during the hiatus he took following his mother's passing to get a verse for "Put On."

"I called him and was like 'Yo, I got this record.' And he like, 'I really ain't been in the booth.' I was like, 'I get it, but we need you,'" Jeezy explained. "He called me back in 10 minutes and was rapping the verse on the phone." Jeezy told West to send the song back to him and L.A. Reid. "So before I could call him back, L.A. Reid was calling me at the same time like, 'When are we putting this out? This the single,'" he said. 

Like the subtitle of his latest album states, Jeezy has a lot of stories similar to the creation of "Can't Tell Me Nothing" and "Put On" that help build the Legend of the Snowman. During a recent conversation with ItsTheReal, Jeezy shared some of these moments like the first time he met DJ Drama.

"DJ Drama was a DJ that was buzzing around Atlanta. Everyone was talking about him because he did mixtapes. I wanted to go a mixtape with him. So my first mixtape was called Streets Is Watching... Truth be told, Drama did not want to do the tape," Jeezy explained. "My game plan was to get him to listen to the music... So I was like, 'Yo, I'll give you $500 if you make me a show tape.' Keep in mind, I ain't go no shows... After you pay somebody a couple of grand and he start see you got real money he like, 'Well, let me hear the stuff on the tapes you was talking about?'"