Kingston native Davo has rolled out the official video for "Pull Up," featuring Tory Lanez.

Davo says the track's original version was created about three years ago, while he was in the studio listening to Smash David beats. The artist said there was a particular beat that inspired him to sing what would eventually become the "Pull Up" chorus.

"As soon as me and (in-house engineer) Johan heard the beat I started singing, 'I got lots of cash on me cash one me,' then Johan said just go in the booth," Davo recalled. "As soon as we recorded the song we knew instantly this was a joint for the radio waves—the type of energetic vibes that bring happiness and dancing."

Lanez heard the track after it was completed. And, needless to say, he was impressed.

"He liked it so much he told me to leave an open verse on the song," Davo said. "We have been recording together for almost 15 years so it's like day in the park for us when we collaborate, nothing but positive vibes and laughter whenever we are in the same room. That's why the song is full of great vibes."

Davo says the "Pull Up" video channels The Fast and the Furious franchise, as it is shot primarily in a warehouse where he and Lanez flex in front of a collection of drift vehicles: "[It's] a video that every drag racer or car-lover would love," he adds.

You can check out the visual above. Davo is now working on a number of projects set to drop within the upcoming months: His debut album L.X.D., an '80s-inspired pop/hip-hop project, and a pop/rock effort called Rockstar Dreams with his cousin Young Justo.