UPDATED 9/30/19, 11:11 a.m. ET: After footage of the altercation circulated, DaBaby's security guard took to Instagram where he explained things from his point of view.

The bodyguard explained that he thought the potential threat was a man. He then saw the person he considered a man punch DaBaby in the back of the head, prompting his attack. He was unaware that he had hit a woman until watching the footage.

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DaBaby and his security team once again got themselves involved in an altercation at their latest show.

The crowd got too handsy when DaBaby jumped in during his set at New Orleans' Free Water Block Party on Saturday. In the footage obtained by TMZ, the rapper and his bodyguard can be seen trying maneuver through the audience while fans rush him. One woman runs up to DaBaby in an attempt to take a picture with the rapper, who declines and pushes her away. When the fan continues to try to touch him, his security guard knocks her down with a punch.

The woman appeared to have momentarily lost consciousness before her friends were able to revive her and exit the venue. Per TMZ, the show was shut down after the incident but police were not called.

Last week, the Charlotte native was seen punching a fan in the face after the spectator reached for his chain. In June, a lawsuit was filed by Donald Saladin alleging he was attacked by DaBaby's associates after opening for the rapper at Massachusetts' Centro Nightclub. Like the recent incident, Saladin claims his altercation was also sparked by him asking DaBaby for a picture.