Beverly Hills Martians get some serious screen time on the cover of Vince Staples' new standalone single, the video for which premiered Thursday afternoon.

Check out the skit-driven visual for "So What?" up top. Below, peep the lyric video.

This all ties in with Vince's recently announced The Vince Staples Show, the trailer for which is hilarious and should be viewed by as many people as possible. The series boasts a new song for each episode and marks a collaboration between Vince and "Old Town Road" director Calmatic. That video, of course, featured a memorable Vince cameo.

Earlier this month, it was announced that Vince Staples had inked a deal with Motown Records via Blacksmith Recordings. "So What?" stands as the first new release since making the deal with the Corey Smyth-founded label aimed at nurturing "young and new talent from the ground up" to enable them to expand their respective visions.

Vince's most recent full-length was last year's FM! project, released through Def Jam. The Big Boy-featuring album went on to make multiple year-end lists, including a No. 31 spot on Complex's 2018 ranking.

In May, Vince inspiringly celebrated a five-year run of never running out of the popular household item toilet paper. The ply count, he added, has the added benefit of being quite high.