According to The Fader, fans can expect to hear more Baby Voice Carti on Whole Lotta Red. After hearing some potential album tracks during his June chat with Carti, The Fader’s Ben Dandridge-Lemco Carti notes that the music sees the rapper entering “new vocal territory” where the baby voice is higher pitched and often stretched into something that’s even more experimental. 

“On one track, an 8-bit beat where he says ‘RIP Yams’ in the refrain, Carti sings a wordless melody in a falsetto behind his verses,” writes Dandridge-Lemco. “On another, he raps over a driving, synthy beat that sounds like it could soundtrack a 2019 Miami Vice remake.”

Played during this unofficial Whole Lotta Red listening session were a pair of tracks that Dandridge-Lemco recognized from low-quality snippets online: “Cancun,” which was previewed during Carti’s Die Lit Tour last year; and “Molly,” alternately known as “No Stylist,” which Carti performed in Miami Beach last November