Black To Techno, a new film from South London-raised artist and director Jenn Nkiru, has just been made available online as part of four films commissioned by Gucci and art magazine Frieze for their Second Summer Of Love series—alongside Jeremy Deller's film about acid house, Everybody In The Place: An Incomplete View Of Britain 1984-1992, and Wu Tsang's magical realist doc on New York house music, Into A Space Of Love.

In a style akin to public access documentaries, Nkiru's film examines the history of rave music, specifically Detroit techno, and its very direct connection to black music. Including contributions from The Last Poets and Detroit selectors Stacey Hotwaxx, DJ Minx and DJ Holographic. The doc also draw parallels between Detroit techno and Berlin's burgeoning rave culture following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

An engrossing and stylish film, watch Black To Techno at the top.