After a chance meeting at Stankonia Studios in Atlanta, producer Girl Talk and Atlanta rapper Young Nudy have come together for a menacing new track. "No Problem" sees Nudy experimenting further with his signature delivery, with a raspy, almost-hushed cadence. Girl Talk's eerie production does a lot to highlight Nudy's idiosyncratic voice, while the T Money-directed video accentuates the horror-inspired vibe.

"I was really into the hook-free and linear structure of the whole song,​" Girl Talk said of the collaboration. "​Over the course of the track, Nudy's vocals mutate into an eerie, raspy tone. I ended up drastically editing the beat after the session, keeping the production minimal to highlight his evolving, unconventional cadence."

Complete with night-vision shots and red-tinged lighting, the video even includes a cameo from the infamous killer doll Chucky, showcasing exactly the type of vibe the two were going for.

Watch the premiere of the video above, and make sure to catch Girl Talk's appearance at New York's Night Lights Music Festival on Aug. 22.