A lurking 808 and a horror movie synth introduces us to “Doozy”, the new single from boler mani. The spooky track rattles along like a Luna Park ghost train, while the bass claps jump at you like a carnie from out of the shadows. But boler mani’s flow is the punch in the nose that stops the scares, and makes this ride worthwhile. 

This is the first single from the Melbourne rapper since “Applause”, which served as a great introduction and rightfully landed on Spotify’s “Beats n’ Bars” playlist. However, “Doozy” is a definite step-up. His production has elevated, pairing the sounds of trap with the gloomy edge you’d find in a Goosebumps novel. But instead, he’s choosing the adventure he takes us on, running through a flurry of triplet flows and wordplay. 

Speaking on “Doozy” in a press release, boler mani states that the track “is about petty mistakes and moving past them, because I feel like it’s too easy to beat yourself up for the small things you do, when it’s just all in your head”.  The song itself is far from a petty mistake.

Watch the video for “Doozy” below, and look out for more from boler mani in the future.