Over time, Schoolboy Q has become one of hip-hop's favorite recluses. Although he provides hilarious fan engagement and interesting interviews, he only appears in public when it's time to drop an album. And unlike the current trend, Schoolboy takes his time when crafting his albums instead of cranking out project after project. So, for his latest single, Schoolboy linked up with his favorite producer and friend, Alchemist, to remind his fans that patience is a virtue. 

From the song's title, it's clear that Alchemist and Schoolboy Q were planning on forcing the listener to think. The track is listed under the name "W.Y.G.D.T.N.S." and as the song develops the acronym reveals itself as the frequently asked question of "When you gonna drop that new shit?" Schoolboy and Alchemist then toy with fans impatience by lacing the track with a slow-burn instrumental. Schoolboy lets the intricacies of the beat sink in by starting the track with a monologue that's reminiscent of the pimp that gave him his rap name

After over a minute of calm but sporadic isms, Q finally blesses fans with some rhymes that were well worth the wait. During his verse, Schoolboy attempts to have a candid conversation with his fans explaining why he doesn't bombard them with music. 

"Guess what I dropped this," Q begins. "Between my life, my fame, my daughter, my body, be glad I'm focused... When you gonna drop that new shit? Come on my n***a you see this shit I'm doing here takes time."

"W.Y.G.D.T.N.S." is part of Alchemist's Craft Singles series. In this series, Alchemist records original songs with artists he respects. While you can find the tracks on YouTube and streaming services, the physicals copies are only available for purchase on 7" vinyl records via Alchemist's website

Listen to "W.Y.G.D.T.N.S." above.