As Rick Ross gears up for the release of Port of Miami 2, Rozay decides to tap Swizz Beatz and Jordyn Woods for the "BIG TYME" video.

Most of mainstream hip-hop got their first taste of Rick Ross when he dropped Port of Miami's leadoff single "Hustlin'." At this time, Rozay was just starting to build what would become a well-accomplished career. So, if the "Hustlin'" video was a day in the life of a then-emerging Rick Ross, it's only fitting that Ross used his latest visual to show how he enjoys the spoils of his hard work. 

"BIG TYME" begins with Swizz complimenting Ross on his assortment of cars. Under Ross' instruction, Swizz picks out two cars that he and the rapper use to race down a south Florida highway that lines the Port of Miami. It's at this time that Jordyn Woods makes her first appearance in the video. The model is seated comfortably in the passenger seat of Ross' Aston Martin as the rapper switches lanes. The visual then shows how Ross enjoys his nights. For this, Ross, Swizz, and Woods attend a party on a yacht. As the boat floats through the port, Rozay shows off the various brands he's partnered with over while also enjoying himself.

Woods first teased her appearance earlier this month. In an Instagram post, Woods explained that her cameo in "BIG TYME" was a "moment" as Ross was her late father's favorite rapper. 

This emotional connection led Ross to create Port of Miami 2 and is something he hopes will resonate it comes out on Aug. 9. 

"By me making it to album 10 it's almost like me hitting the reset button," Rozay said in a conversation with Complex. "Giving them that same hunger, that same passion, giving them that same feeling of being a new artist and not knowing where this will go. That's dope to me."