Since going to jail, Soulja Boy has been hit with a string of losses. But the rapper finally received some good news as prosecutors announced that they are rejecting his kidnapping charges. 

TMZ reports that the Ventura County District Attorney's Office has decided not to move forward with the accusations due to "insufficient evidence" and will conclude those claims. In February, Soulja Boy was accused of holding a female victim hostage in his garage. The woman, who is described as one of his ex-girlfriends, alleged that Soulja Boy prevented her from leaving by tying her to a chair with an extension cord. Although his team insisted the woman was lying, the county sheriff's department issued a warrant to search the rapper's residence for evidence of the crime.

The sweep of Soulja's Agoura Hills home resulted in a host of problems after police uncovered a stash of ammunition during their search. Soulja Boy has been on probation since 2014 for a weapons case and the discovery of these items prompted his recent arrest. In April, a judge cited that the rapper also failed to complete other stipulations of his probation including mandatory community service. As a result, the court sentenced Soulja Boy to 240 days in the Los Angeles County jail on top of issuing an additional 265 days of community service.

While this was a major hiccup in Draco's self-described comeback, the rapper can find solace in the fact that he evaded any serious time with the prosecution's latest decision.