Building on the success of the "Switch" single from Circus Recordings signee Jansons and Toronto vocalist Dope Earth Alien, the label is now back with an energetic remix from Circus boss Yousef. The original was a rolling piece of house music built around D.E.A's devastatingly cool vocals and an irresistible rhythm. All of that goes up to 11 on Yousef's version, cranking up the energy and the emotion with huge bursts of melody and an even bigger beat behind it.

Speaking with Complex via email, Yousef told us: "I know this track as good as anyone. I've been involved A&Ring it and tweaking it from its inception, until we had the original complete and right. I felt I should take my own spin on this original a little further. Creating a more harmonic and visceral version while still keeping its party vocal, I added subtle undertones and movement to summon another emotion out of it. With its acidic drops, I still opted to make it a club slammer but I feel it reaches a darker area now, falling in line with my new album, 9 Moor Drive, too."

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