DJ Premier and the Griselda boys tap the one and only Jason Goldwatch for their video for the single "Headlines" that we premiered in May. The video was filmed entirely in Griselda's hometown of Buffalo on Super 8 stock.

Shooting this in Buffalo was Gunn's idea. “I love the fact that Westside Gunn suggested that we film the video in Buffalo to capture the gritty, grimy energy of their city. The outcome is exactly that and true to our vision—raw," Premier explained.

Goldwatch always does a great job capturing the essence of whoever he shoots, and Premier's signature sound amplifies Griselda's back block raps. When you hear Conway, Gunn, and the Butcher, you hear Buffalo, and that point is driven home when you watch this. Hopefully this means we might be getting a Griselda project produced entirely by DJ Premier. 

Check out the video up top and grab "Headlines" via Payday Records here.