GRAE Drops Stylish Music Video for Debut Single "New Girl"

Fresh visuals from the Toronto songstress.

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You might not know the name GRAE just yet, but judging from what we're already hearing, that's about to change very soon. The Toronto-born singer dropped her debut single earlier today, and if that wasn't enough, she packaged it with an accompanying (and very stylish) music video. Together, the two releases prove that the young talent is poised to make a serious mark on her local scene and beyond.

Entitled "New Girl", GRAE's string-laced bop is an anthemic and confident debut for the rookie artist who honed her craft in small cafes and venues while she traveled abroad. The R&B-inspired single was produced by UK-based singer-songwriter, KYAN, and carries the same energy as a BFF responding to your last text with an emphatic, all caps "OOF". 

In a press release, GRAE dishes on the meaning behind her very first song, saying that it stems from a rather awkward and frustrating discovery. "I wrote new girl when I found out my ex boyfriend of a couple years ended up with the exact girl he told me not to worry about when we were together," she begins. "I found out on my birthday so it made for a pretty shit day but was also a great opportunity moment for a song.”

The "New Girl" visuals were directed GXXRLS, with camera credit going to Jay Wills and Tayshaun Chad. You can watch the full thing play out above via YouTube. Add "New Girl" to your streaming library by clicking the Spotify and Soundcloud links below.

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