This weekend, Toronto and London-based label Bare Selection will release the new EP from Manga Saint Hilare — the imprint's first ever vocal release and Manga's first full project in 2019. The new EP drops May 13 and features "Fear No One" as well as remix and the two instrumentals. Ahead of that, you can listen to "Fear No One" below. 

About as light in tone as grime can get, "Fear No One" was originally a Maxsta production that he shared on Insta. It's since evolved into the track we hear today and carries with it a message of self-belief and confidence. Fear no one, only God / love's what we focus on, he says in what might be the perfect carefree, summer tune.

Manga explains: "'Fear No One' came about by me hearing the clip of the beat on Maxsta's Instagram story; I'm always lurking. I hollered him and he finished it and sent it over. I was still working on my last project, Outsiders Live Forever, so I had to finish that first before I started on it. I had a melody in my head as soon as I heard it; just had to find the right message. I feel like it's a chant of strength and rebellion."