She's been the UK beatbox champion on four separate occasions but having swapped that to focus on her singing, Grace Savage now works in the arena of electronic-pop. With her latest five-track EP fresh out today, she reveals the video for project single "Cracks". On the new track, her vocals take on a trance-like feel as she lays bare her feelings over the pulsing electronics laid out by London producer BADOOS. Fans will be able to hear the track live, as well as other material from the album, as she gets set to play The Common Stage at Glastonbury during the summer.

Speaking about the track she told Complex UK, "The song is about thinking you are over something or someone and weeks, months or even years later, the feelings you thought you had dealt with, come back 'through the cracks' to hit you full force. The song is conversational in tone but epic in production and we wanted the style of the video to reflect that — to contrast the idea of control and chaos in a very simplistic but dramatic setting. 

"We used everyday objects from a past relationship and presented them on plinths with labels, in a clinical, museum-like fashion and then later, as the chaos and emotion in the song evolves and I essentially relinquish control, we used elements from these objects in a more abstract way — i.e feathers from the pillow and silk from the scarf flying around the room."