Axel Arigato welcomes their community for an immersive look inside their world with the upcoming Post-Human festival. 

Having successfully infiltrated the world of sneakers and apparel with unique, exciting, and inspired style alongside a host of events at their design-focused stores, Axel Arigato takes the next step towards bringing their world to life with the Post-Human festival. Standing as a concept created by co-founders Max Svardh and Albin Johansson, the festival looks at science fiction, futurology, contemporary art, and philosophy to create a unique experience that embraces technology and all creative cultures. 

Inspiration from the festival has been pulled directly from social media, looking specifically at how we build relationships with the artists we follow and bringing this connectivity to life by removing the space that exists between the performer and the crowd. The idea is to create an environment that is in equal parts intimate and authentic, for a festival experience unlike any before it. Limited to 500 tickets, the free event will be home to IAMDDB, Giggs, EARTHGANG, Siobhan Bell, Aminé, C!ESAY, and Sivas. 

Axel Arigato's Post-Human festival will be taking places on June 5th at The Plant in Copenhagen. Head over to Axel Arigato's Instagram for further information. 

All Images via Axel Arigato
IAMDDB (credit: Ava du Parc)
Photography: Ava du Parc
This is a photo of Giggs.
Image via Getty/Ollie Millington
Image via Getty/Prince Williams