The release of Trillary BanksVote 4 Trillary album earlier this month landed with quite a bang, preceded by "White Hennessey" at the top of December last year, and then the Zeph Ellis-produced "Tasty" a few days before the album drop.

Now we've got the album's third single, "The Intro", and with it comes a set of visuals that perfectly mirror the thoughtful lyricism on display. We get to see and hear what is essentially a retrospective look at Trillary's rise to her current status, through old clips and footage of freestyles that a lot of us probably thought were lost to the mists of time. Besides being simply an introspective 'look how far I've come' track, "The Intro" packs an inspirational punch, proving that hard work will always pay off eventually—as long as you're as talented as Trillary.  

Peep the visuals above.