Ahead of his upcoming album Born to Rap, the Game brought Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg to his studio to pay homage to the late Nipsey Hussle, who was murdered in Los Angeles last week. 

According to the Game's Instagram Stories, three hip-hop greats were all posted in the studio together as Nipsey's vocals play in the background, suggesting the late rapper will be featured on the upcoming album. Although it remains unclear whether Snoop contributed to Born to Rap, his presence in the studio makes a feature all the more likely. 

In another clip from the studio, Dre, who has collaborated with The Game in the past, is seen engineering beats alongside Fredwreck, further cementing the possibility that he will have a mention on the rapper's upcoming release. 

Following the tragic news of Nipsey's death last week, every corner of the music and NBA communities offered up their condolences. For collaborators, neighbors, and friends of the late rapper, like the Game, Hussle's murder signified a monumental loss. A day before the rapper was killed outside his Los Angeles storefront, the Game said the two discussed "how to move, and dip in and dip out" of the neighborhoods in which they grew up. "Everything about Nipsey was Crenshaw and Slauson. Those are the two streets that ended up taking his life."

At Dreamville Fest in North Carolina, several artists took a moment to honor Nipsey while on stage, including J. Cole and Big Sean. 

The Double or Nothing artist delivered a verse about Nipsey over the sound of piano keys, before dedicating a moment to the late rapper. "I wanna talk to Nipsey too because even though I know we just lost him, I also know that the body is a shell and I can still feel his energy," Sean said. "I can still feel his consciousness. Nipsey, I just wanna say bro, thank you for teaching everybody so much. Thank you for the inspiration."

"Was fucked up what happened to Nipsey / The shit is sickening,” Big Sean rapped. "Texting each other like we gon’ get up soon / Tell me how the fuck I feel now knowing we didn’t / And taught me next time I think we got all the time in the world / Shit just know really it isn’t / You died the same age as Jesus / Both God’s children."

During J. Cole's set, the Forest Hills Drive artist projected footage of Hussle on the large screen behind him onstage while performing "Love Yourz." The rapper told the crowd, "I gotta take time on stage and acknowledge someone who had a huge impact on the community, on the fuckin' world."

He then asked the host of fans to hold up their illuminated cell phones, likely to recreate the twilight visuals at a vigil. Cole delivered his rap of the emotional song while sitting on a stool, concluding his performance by saying, "Rest in peace, Nipsey Hussle. You a fuckin’ legend."