Rising hip-hop act Yungeen Ace has been fairly open about his life struggles, having endured everything from poverty to abuse to his loved-ones' untimely deaths; but the 21-year-old has refused to let the pain break him down, and has instead used his experiences to build inner strength. The Jacksonville rapper reflects on this in his new single, "So Long," when he raps:

Feel like the demons want my soul for so long
Ever since I stepped up on that my soul been gone
Late at night no I can't sleep I'm still traumatized
Every time I close my eyes I see him in my mind

Days after releasing "So Long," Ace dropped off the track's official video directed by Christian Breslauer. The visual finds the MC stepping into a ring and putting his mental, and physical, strength to the test.

"I take a lot of pride in my videos. I shot almost 20 videos this year," Ace told Complex. "Everybody says my music is so emotional and raw. I want them to see everything and feel everything like they were there with me."

You can check out the video above.

Ace rapper opened up about his hardships—including losing his friends and brother to gun violence—in a 2018 interview with Complex.