On his new single, "Define", Latinx rapper, producer and songwriter Olmeca puts the full range of his talents on display. The 5-part epic spans everything from boom-bap to poetry to trap to Caribbean rhythms and bomba and Huapango Huasteco.

Even if you can't speak Spanish, the vast array of flows and the surprising production techniques are just as rewarding to the listener. For those who don't speak Spanish, Olmeca explains below that "Define" is about cultural identity, making sense of the current political landscape, and overcoming it all.

"'Define' is not only a cognate word but it ultimately depicts through music and lyrics who we are. I'm not about to allow Trump era to depict who we are as a people. Instead, I created a song that does it for us. The video tells the story. If you don't get the lyrics and the music, you get the visuals. Simple. Latinx people are hard, intricate, beautiful, and here to stay!"

If you're at SXSW this year, you can catch Olmeca at 9:35pm - 10:05pm on Saturday, March 16 at the Speakeasy.