Last year, indie-pop singer/songwriter Arlo Parks released her debut single, "Cola", and with it came the announcement of her debut EP, Super Sad Generation (due April 5 via Beatnik). Today she's sharing the final pre-release single, "Romantic Garbage", to whip up the last bit of hype.

The previous two singles ("Cola" and the EP title track released not long after) were both warm and gently uplifting soul songs, but "Romantic Garbage" has a slightly different vibe. It's a little more electronic, slightly colder and more downbeat in tone. If anything, it's even more in fitting with the overall theme of the EP which she says is about the "kaleidoscope of dejection, passion and anxiety" she sees in her generation.

Speaking with Complex in more detail, Parks told us: "This is an old song I wrote and produced in my bedroom when I was 16 and completely overwhelmed by an intense crush. It's about being both terrified of the vulnerability that comes with romantic love and so completely infatuated you start writing sappy, stupid poetry and want to be around them all the time." 

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