Ambitions are high on team Juice WRLD ahead of the release of Death Race for Love, his sophomore album out Friday through Interscope.

Juice already told fans last month that he has designs on these new songs completely flipping the script. "March is the month I pick the WRLD up and turn it upside down," he said. Now, Interscope's VP of Urban A&R Aaron "Dash" Sherrod is getting a bit more specific in Billboard's WRLD-ly cover story.

"It's his Reasonable Doubt. His Life After Death," Sherrod told writer Meaghan Garvey. "One hundred percent, people are going to be talking about it for years to come." Sherrod also gave some insight on WRLD's path to major label success, as well as Interscope's vision for him as a possible legacy artist in the making.

Sherrod explained that, while labels "of course" seek out artists they believe will make them money, he and his team were looking for something a bit deeper when they found WRLD. "But you try to find those career artists: Who's going to be the next Drake, the next J. Cole, the next Kendrick Lamar?" he said. "Right now, were seeing the new generation—your Juices, your Lil Uzi Verts, your Post Malones. New cats that look like they're going to have some longevity."

The profile also includes bits on WRLD's famous $3 million deal, his first show (a high school party), and his incidental young fandom of the Odd Future clique, which he discovered while talking about Future. Read the full thing here.

The 22-track Death Race for Love sees WRLD linking up with Brent Faiyaz, Clever, and Young Thug. Its release will be well-celebrated with a free show and party  in London, details for which you'll find below: