The Legendary DJ Muggs and rap's best kep secret Mach-Hommy are planning to drop a collab album. Tuez-Les Tous (translated to 'Kill Them All') is set to hit the streets March 29.

Listen to the first single "900K" as Mach switches between English and Haitian-Creole over Muggs' haunting, back-block production, and check out a few quotes from Muggs and Mach about why they decided to link up. And just in case you need help with a understanding what Mach is saying on the hook, it roughly translate to "Be still, just chill. This tall, it might be a big deal, 900K. Me? I'm $1 mill, but you still need 100K to steal."

On collaborating with Mach-Hommy, Muggs commented:

“His flow is ridiculous. To me, he’s like a jazz musician, like Miles Davis. The way he raps, he’ll go totally off-beat then come back on-beat,” Muggs says of Mach-Hommy. “His references––you’ve never heard his references. His rhyme patterns––you’ve never heard them. He flips from English, to Creole, to Spanish, and he evokes that hard, gutter, street shit without having to be like ‘Yo, I’m slangin’ dope, I got the homie that’s the shooter, I’m from the hood.’ It’s mad unorthodox.”

Commenting on DJ Muggs’ legendary status, Mach-Hommy said:

“It takes about 10,000 hours to master a skill. That’s what they say. DJ Muggs for example, that man is basically 30 for 30… he’s been holding it down for over three decades, goin’ on four. And what about the subconscious feel me? Albert Einstein had his greatest revelation in a dream! Whether it’s one of the greatest scientific breakthroughs of the 20th century, or a sonic composition so polarizing that it shifts the zeitgeist in its favor for the next 100 years. Say what you will, but certain people always keep ‘one in the head’ and to that I can relate.”

What is it about Mach-Hommy that made you want to do a full project with him?
Muggs: Mach is one of the greatest talents to ever walk the earth.

Mach is pretty mysterious by design, how did this collab come about?
Muggs: Organically. When I first met Mach there was no talk of working for about a year — then the powers of the universe took over.

Were you guys in the same studio when recording this?
Muggs: Yes for 90 percent of the album we were in the same studio. 

Why do you seek out doing projects with underground guys like Eto and Mach? Why is working with these guys so important to you?
Muggs: Underground is the past, present and future. It's a place of pure creativity and pushes the culture forward—it's where it all begins. I like to create with artists that inspire me—unique, pure energy.

What’s special about “900K”?
Muggs: ORIGINALITY —"900K" is the purest, rawest uncut form of originality. 

Will there be visuals coming?
Muggs: Yes—visuals are an interactive part of our complete process