In a time where we're used to hearing a plethora of new artists on a seemingly daily basis, talking about the same topics, Australian-born, UK-based artist Lazy J is here to break the mould. Of Lebanese and Somoan descent, the artist has seen himself gain fame through X Factor, while also getting stabbed and clinically pronounced dead after a single launch party. But these setbacks haven't slowed him down, and he's more than alive and raring to go on new single "Damn Right", premiering below, which serves as a re-introduction as he delivers sharp bars over a head-banging beat produced by DJ Sefru.

"The law of attraction is something I've always heavily believed in," says Lazy J. "For the first time, I was consistently putting out good energy to the universe and that same energy influenced 'Damn Right'. I started a meal prep business, held my first underground rap event at one of Sydney's most iconic venues, and just finished securing a venue for my first nightclub event. I was moving work on the side, but the energy that came from following through with my ideas was unbelievable. It got to a point where I was like, 'Okay, I've had a good year of growth and development, but now it's time to get back to the music.' That's how 'Damn Right' came about. I brought that same energy into the record and I want people to feel the same way I felt when I made it."