NYC pop auteur Aaron Taos is back with another single, entitled "Communication", as well as news that his new project Birthday Boy will be dropping March 6. Ostensibly electronic pop, albeit filtered through a lens of '80s nostalgia, "Communication" also draws a lot of influence from indie and R&B, particularly in the smoothness of Taos' voice and the subtle grooves in the production. 

All degraded electronics and faded synths, "Communication" isn't actually about nostalgia, though. As he explains in more detail below, "Communication" is a lot more self-explanatory; in fact, it's about having the courage to face your problems head on, particularly in relationships.

Taos explained to Complex via email: "'Communication' is about the importance of talking things out with your partner. I'm a pretty open person, so when there's something not sitting right between me and someone (be it lover or friend) I'm quick to want to acknowledge the issue and attempt to fix it. As I mentioned in the song, both my parents are therapists, so blame it on that. In any case, 'Communication' is about the importance of airing things out."