Last year saw Ryan Trey gain quite a bit of attention for his promising August project, which received praise from the likes of Bryson Tiller and even LeBron James. With a style not all that removed from Tiller's R&B-tinged rap, Trey showcases his approach with the "Break on Monday" video.

“Everyone looks forward to seeing their significant other on the weekend, when they’re off of work, free all day and things like that," Trey explained of the song. "This song was about that one time where its the opposite, and you got to catch her in that slim window on a weekday right when she gets home from work." It's clear that 2019 is set to be a good year for Trey, who will surely continue to impress as he releases more music.

Speaking about Tiller's co-sign with Billboard last year, Trey said, "He is a very established artist. That's somebody that I look up to. [Tiller is] somebody that's helped mold my style. It's just cool to be able to have that type of co-sign. He is somebody that's really changed the R&B genre."