As the public conversation surrounding Lifetime's Surviving R. Kelly docuseries continues, a December 2018 interview with the disgraced singer's younger brother Carey has received new attention.

Carey appears in Lyric R. Cabral's Lifetime series, discussing the alleged sexual abuse of himself and Kelly as children. In the footage used in the series, Carey doesn't get specific about the alleged molestation. In an interview with Tasha K last month, however, Carey alleged that it was his and Kelly's older sister Theresa who abused them starting when they were "around" six and 10 years old. Theresa was "maybe 15" or 16 at the time and the abuse is alleged to have continued for years. 

"She didn't have anything on up under the robe and she told me to come over to her," Carey said of the first time he was allegedly molested by his sister around eight minutes into the video above. "As a kid, in my mind, I'm confused because I know this my sister. I'm six. I know this wrong. She's way older than me. At first, I thought she was playing . . . I was hesitant so she grabbed my arm."

Carey further alleged forced oral sex contact and a calculated system of keeping one sibling in the house and the rest outdoors when babysitting. Their mother, he added, never knew. "I was afraid to tell her and I knew that my sister was the only one to watch us," Carey said. R. Kelly discussed alleged abuse in his 2012 book Soulacoaster and in this 2016 GQ interview, though at the time only the descriptor "relative" was used.

The Lifetime series, which counts dream hampton as an executive producer, has reinvigorated the debate surrounding Kelly's place in the music industry and his history of alleged sexual abuse. Lisa Van Allen, who testified against R. Kelly in a child pornography case that ultimately resulted in an acquittal in 2008, appeared on The Breakfast Club Wednesday morning to discuss the support she's received for her involvement in the series.

According to Allen, the feedback has been mostly positive. She also disclosed that other alleged victims have come to her privately since the series aired. "I know there's more victims," she said. "I've even had women that have inboxed me that know him. They don't want to come out but they've inboxed me to talk about it because they know I know what they're talking about."